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Being able to feed your ants is one of the most exciting parts of being an ant keeper. You can watch your ants share food or swarm it as a large group. 

Everything Ants carries a variety of ant food to keep your ant colony satisfied. Learn more about the different types of food for ants. 

Insect Blend

Ants need protein to survive. One of the best places for them to get that nutrient is with our Insect Blend ant food. You can use this blend for all species of ants. 

Some of the insects that are included in this food are:

  • Dried boonworm
  • Dried mealworm
  • Fish food flakes
  • Dried baby shrimp

To ensure your insect ant food lasts for a long time, store it in a dry, dark environment at room temperature. 

Seed Blend

Seeds are another great source of protein for ants. While all ant species collect and eat seeds, this blend is usually used for Harvester ants. 

The seeds you'll find in this ant food include:

  • Bird seed
  • Barley, wheat, and cracked corn
  • Fish food flakes
  • Grass seed

How Often Do You Feed an Ant?

Ideally, you should be feeding your ant colony once each day. The larger your colony gets, the more you should be feeding them. 

Make sure you clean up leftover food after a few days if your ants don't eat it. 

What Else Do Ants Eat?

Ants should be eating protein and sugar. You can make a sugar-water mixture to feed them. The ideal ratio is 5:1 of water to sugar. 

Sugar is a better choice than honey. Ants can sometimes get stuck in the honey. 

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