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Start Your New Ant Colony With Our Premium Ant Farm Kits

The ant farm kits from Everything Ants are designed to be an ideal living space for your ant colony. Give your ants a place to forage for food, dispose of their dead, and establish garbage sites. An ant farm kit will keep your ants happy and healthy. 

High-Quality Ant Farm Products Shipped to Your Door

Our ant farm kits are made from clear ABS plastic. You can easily see what your ants are up to through the walls of the ant farm. 

All you have to do is place your fertilized queen ant inside of the ant farm. Provide her with the best chamber to start her ant colony. Our ant farms enable your queen to position herself and her brood in an ideal environment. 

Explore the Features of an Ant Farm Starter Kit

Our ant farm kits all boast amazing features that'll ensure the success of your ant colony. Some of the features you can experience include:

  • Connection Port: Rehouse your colony when it's time for a bigger farm
  • Heat Cable Tunnel: Each ant farm kit is designed with heat cables in mind
  • Low Maintenance: Wash with warm soapy water

Everything Ants also carries a wide collection of ant colony accessories. You'll find everything you need to grow your ant colony. We also offer products for scorpions, lizards, snakes, tarantulas, and other critters. 

Shop Our Selection of Ant Farm Kits Today

Everything Ants will ship out your order within one to two business days. We work with the best shipping vendors in the country. Your order will arrive safely and quickly. 

Browse our selection of premium ant farm kits today and get started on your ant colony. We sell innovative and exceptional ant-keeping products.