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Ant Food - Seed Blend

Elevate your ant colony's diet with our Everything Ants Seed Blend Ant Food. Specifically designed with Harvester ants in mind, this food blend offers an exquisite combination of seeds that are also enjoyed by various other ant species.

Our Seed Blend is an expertly curated selection of cracked corn, barley, wheat, and a variety of bird and grass seeds. These provide your ant colonies with the necessary carbohydrates and proteins they need for their energy demands and overall growth. Plus, the addition of fish food flakes makes this blend even more appealing for your industrious little friends.

Cracked corn, barley, and wheat are a powerhouse of energy and nutrients for your ants, making their foraging worthwhile. Bird seeds and grass seeds introduce a delightful variety to your ants' diet, adding an element of discovery to their daily routine.

The Everything Ants Seed Blend Ant Food is more than just a meal - it's a delectable smorgasbord that encourages natural foraging behavior while ensuring your ant colonies are healthily fed. Ideal for both novice and seasoned ant enthusiasts looking to provide their colonies with a nutritionally balanced diet that mimics their natural food sources.


  • Cracked corn, barley & wheat
  • Bird seed
  • Variety of grass seed
  • Fish food flakes