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Ant Food - Insect Blend

Introduce your ant colonies to a nutritionally rich, delicious feast with our Everything Ants Insect Blend Ant Food. This specially formulated food is designed to cater to the dietary needs of all ant species, ensuring their optimal growth, health, and vitality.

Our blend is a gourmet selection of dried mealworms, boonworms, and baby shrimp, combined with fish food flakes. Each ingredient is carefully chosen for its unique nutrient profile, offering your ants a balanced mix of proteins and other essential nutrients.

Mealworms and boonworms provide a solid protein base that's perfect for the development and energy needs of your ants. The dried baby shrimp, another protein source, also offer a variety of vitamins and minerals, enriching the overall nutritional value of this blend. Finally, fish food flakes add a tasty variety to your ants' diet, making their meal times more exciting.

The Everything Ants Insect Blend Ant Food is not just food - it's a treat your ants will love. Make each feeding time a delightful experience for your ant colonies with this nutritious and varied insect blend. Perfect for both new and experienced ant keepers!


  • Dried mealworm
  • Dried boonworm
  • Dried baby shrimp
  • Fish food flakes