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Tubing Connector Set for Ant Farms (Set of 4)

Unlock a world of possibilities for your ant colonies with our Tubing Connector Set. These connectors allow you to link multiple pieces of large vinyl tubing together, providing an extensive network of paths for your ants to explore around your ant setups.

The set includes a variety of connector types for various applications:

  1. "T" Connector - Ideal for splitting the tubing into two paths, perfect for creating more complex structures and stimulating your ants' exploratory instincts.
  2. "X" Connector - With this connector, you can split the tubing in multiple directions, allowing you to create a myriad of pathways for your ants.
  3. "L" Connector - Perfect for making 90° turns in your tubing routes, the 'L' connector adds more versatility to your ant farm design.
  4. "C" Connector - A simple and effective way to connect two pieces of tubing directly, the 'C' connector ensures a secure and snug fit.

With the Tubing Connector Set, you can easily create an engaging and complex network for your ants to navigate, closely mimicking their natural habitat. This set enhances not only your ants' living environment but also the aesthetic appeal of your setup. Let your imagination run wild, and create the ant farm of your dreams with these versatile tubing connectors.