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Critter Cube Reptile Enclosure

Embrace the ultimate housing solution for your beloved critters with our versatile Critter Cube. Designed to accommodate a wide range of critters including tarantulas, snakes, scorpions, lizards, geckos, and more, this spacious 12-inch cube is the ideal habitat for your reptilian and invertebrate pets.

The Critter Cube is more than a standard enclosure - it's a comprehensive ecosystem tailored to the unique needs of your critters.

Ventilation is an absolute priority with our design. The entire lid and half the back panel are perforated with 1mm ventilation holes to ensure ample air circulation, mimicking the breathability of their natural environment.

Keeping the substrate hydrated has never been easier, thanks to our cleverly designed reservoir beneath it. Refilling it is a breeze, meaning your critters can enjoy a constantly moist and comfortable environment.

Feeding time is simplified with two options: remove the lid or use the sliding door on the back panel. Either way, you can offer meals to your critters without any significant disturbance or stress.

The design of the Critter Cube also considers the pet owner's space. The Cubes are securely stackable, allowing for vertical expansion without compromising air circulation. Moreover, each Critter Cube includes a connector to enable horizontal expansion by linking two Critter Cubes back-to-back. This offers the opportunity to create a larger, interconnected enclosure for your pets to explore.

The Critter Cube is a robust, innovative, and thoughtfully designed reptile enclosure that ensures your critters' comfort while offering you convenience. Give your critters a home that mimics their natural habitat and enhances their overall well-being.


  • Ventilation - The entire lid and half the back panel are covered with 1mm ventilation holes to provide plenty of air circulation.
  • Hydration - The substrate is hydrated from an easily refillable reservoir beneath it.
  • Feeding - Food can be placed into the Critter Cube by removing the lid or by using the sliding door on the back panel.
  • Stackable - Critter Cubes can be securely stacked one above the other. The design still allows for air circulation for the Critter Cube on the bottom of the stack.
  • Expandable - Included with each Critter Cube is a connector, allowing two Critter Cubes to be connected horizontally. This allows for a larger enclosure for your critters. The connector replaces the sliding door on the back panel, so Critter Cubes would be connected back-to-back.