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Ant Farm Complete Kit

Welcome your new ant queen into an environment designed just for her with the Everything Ants Claustral Chamber Ant Farm Starter Kit. This 3x3 inch ant farm provides the perfect setting for a newly fertilized queen to found her new colony. Conceived with humidity and heat gradients in mind, the Claustral Chamber enables your queen to position herself and her brood in an optimal environment for growth.

This Ant Farm Starter Kit includes:

Claustral Chamber
Test Tube
6" Tubing
Test Tube Adapter
Note: The heating cable, pictured, is sold separately.

Where test tubes fall short, the Claustral Chamber excels. Test tube setups are prone to drying out, requiring careful attention and potential disruptions when moving the queen and her brood. Our Claustral Chamber combats this issue with a bottom-up hydration reservoir that can be conveniently refilled without disturbing your colony's nascent queen.

Moreover, feeding your young colony or semi-claustral queens in test tube setups can be challenging. The Claustral Chamber revolutionizes this process with a removable food cap on the lid. Drop in food with minimal disturbance and no mess, all while keeping potential escapees at bay.

Our Claustral Chamber is also primed for adaptability and growth. It features a heat cable tunnel (heat cable sold separately) designed for perfect brood placement. When your colony outgrows the Claustral Chamber, the included connection port makes rehousing easy. Simply attach the included tubing to connect larger formicaria or outworlds.

Simplify and optimize the early days of your ant colony with the Everything Ants Claustral Chamber Ant Farm Starter Kit – the perfect setup for any dedicated ant keeper.