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Clear Flexible Large Vinyl Tubing for Ant Farms (3') (large)

Connect your ant setup components seamlessly with our Clear Flexible Large Vinyl Tubing. Specially designed for ant farms, this transparent tubing ensures 100% visibility, allowing you to observe your ants as they navigate through the intricate pathways of their habitat.

This large-size tubing, with an inner diameter of 3/8" and an outer diameter of 1/2", provides ample space for ants to move freely. Its flexible nature allows you to shape it as needed, offering versatility to create an ant setup that caters to your ants' natural behaviors and preferences.

Made from durable, clear vinyl, our tubing is not just functional - it also enhances the viewing experience, turning your ant farm into a live-action showcase of ant behavior. Whether you're a beginner ant enthusiast or a seasoned keeper, our Clear Flexible Large Vinyl Tubing is a must-have component in building a thriving, observable ant colony.