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Test Tube Cleaning Kit

Maintain a pristine environment for your ant colonies with our Everything Ants Test Tube Cleaning Kit. Designed for ease and efficiency, this kit contains everything you need to clean your used test tubes thoroughly, enabling you to reuse them again and again.

Each kit includes:

  1. Test Tube - A standard size test tube to accommodate your ant colony.
  2. Bristle Brush - This brush is perfectly sized to clean the inner surface of your test tubes, removing any residue or debris effectively.
  3. Forceps - A helpful tool to remove cotton from the test tube safely and easily.
  4. Cotton Pusher - Ideal for inserting new cotton into the test tube smoothly, creating a comfortable environment for your ants.
  5. Sterile Gloves - To ensure a hygienic process, each kit comes with a pair of sterile gloves, available in four sizes to suit your needs.

With the Everything Ants Test Tube Cleaning Kit, maintaining a clean, healthy habitat for your ant colonies becomes a breeze. This kit is perfect for both novice and experienced ant keepers, helping to ensure your ant colonies' optimal health and well-being. It's a small investment with huge returns for your ant keeping journey.

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